Art of Surfing "The legend continues"

Two windsurfers Herbert Neumann, alias Ràdical Herbie and Bernhard Hochgrassl, opened in June 1987 the Art Of Surfing store, born at the same time in the back workshop tables "Cat Fun" in the hands of Ovid Saiz and Rocky.
The idea to mount the store arises from the need of leisure needed Herbie in order to train and compete in the windsurfing World Cup, which is working on behalf of others., was impossible. Both come from Germany, although Herbie did virtually as a bebè, returning there again to finish her studies, Bernhard however is apeò of the University to come to rate these white beaches, sunny, full of wind and waves.
Here in Tarifa if lived well! with cars parked on the beaches, where the cows rascaban loin and surfers did competitions to see who left the pantalòn of piè before put it in the lavadora…. so life was surfing in Tarifa in the 1980s.!

Herbie leaves the shop in the hands of Bernhard for two years to devote himself completely to compete, sponsored by "Art Of Surfing", Cat Fun "" Volvo "and"Mistral"". When it comes to Herbie, is Bernhard which travels to United States to get the title of commercial pilot of helicopters and Civil Aviaciòn.

In his lifetime Art Of Surfing, has gone through two reforms, the first, provisional in 1993 and the 2nd most deep in 1995, that still lingers, with minor modifications, but respecting a style of art rùstico than in his day sentò Chair in Tarifa.

Currently, we have had to adapt to new technologies, brands of clothing, sports equipment, etc.. but we continue and we will continue to work with the same desire and spirit since 1987.

Herbie E17